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Since 1994, La Plume Bleue has been selling music for relaxation,
therapy music, ambiance music, sounds of nature...
now with about 450 titles in stock.

La Plume Bleue
also offers you audiovisual stimulators for deep relaxation.

Here, on this comprehensive Internet site, you can...

CHOOSE the CD you want using lists by category or by author
VIEW the cover of the CD and the track titles
READ the description and a reference page about the author
LISTEN to one or more track excerpts with high quality MP3 sound
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La Plume Bleue is selling CDs from 'New World Music' (England), Number One in the world of relaxation music. More than 200 titles are available, from well-known new-age composers like Medwyn Goodall, Asha, Terry Oldfield, Phil Thornton, Anthony Miles, John Richardson, Mike Rowland, Philip Chapman, Stephen Rhodes, David Sun, Patricia Spero, and groups like Stairway, Runestone, Pilgrim... Several new titles are released on a regular basis, from both beginners like Pia, Wendy Stark or Llewellyn and renowned musicians like Kitaro and James Asher.

La Plume Bleue is now selling also the 'North Star Music' label (England), 32 albums of celtic music, ethno and new-age music, and music for therapy (reiki, aromatherapy, etc).

La Plume Bleue also offers 'Spring Hill Music' CDs: new spiritual choral music from Robert Gass and 'On Wings Of Song' (USA) inspired by various traditions. Newly released is a wonderful double album 'CHANT', a compilation of sacred chants around the world.

In our therapy category, we have the CDs of Claude Desarzens and Christophe-Martin de Montagu (7 CDs) for Energy Healing.

La Plume Bleue presents beautiful and powerful healing chants on two CDs 'Atlantean Chants' Vol. 1 and 2 by Frank Alper, as well as 'La Voix qui guérit' (The Voice That Heals) Vol. 1 and 2, from the French music therapist Philippe Barraqué.

Also represented are the wonderful CDs of "Plénitude Musiques" (France): Michel Pépé, Logos, Jean-Marc Staehle, Eric Saunier, highly appreciated by the connoisseurs... more than 30 titles are available, and among them lots of new ones!

We are also proud to present the albums of Deva Premal and Miten, with "The Essence" and its famous "Gayatri Mantra", "Love Is Space" and "Embrace". We also have "Satsang", a peaceful and meditative album, and the newly-released "DAKSHINA", the "MOOLA MANTRA", which are true wonders! And the very latest one, "PASSWORD".

We also have in our catalogue the wonderful CDs from Frantz AMATHY: "Angels of Light", "Angels of Peace", "Angels of the Heart", "Heavenly Ways", "In the Presence of Angels", "Angels Symphony".

New series at New World Music, the "Psychÿl" serie, non-melodic music inducing deep alpha-type brain waves, especially adapted for personal development as well as therapy. The "Therapy Room" serie is more focused on therapy-specific music for massage, chakra activation, relaxation.

Some outsiders, like Deity of WENDY RULE, the "Australian Witch" .... and overtone Mongol songs of Okna Tsahan Zam, "Shaman Voices"... and CDs of the Mongol band Egschiglen, "ZAZAL" and the newest released, "GEREG", a wonderful creation. Also, a new CD of Tibetan songs from DECHEN SHAK DAGSAY, "Tara Devi"... and last but not least, a CD from Valérie Dupont, shaman and healer, an album to anchor yourself, and perfectly suited for shamanic journeys, or as a background sound for therapy : "Tambour de la Terre" (Earth Drum).

Osho "Actives Meditations", as the famous "Dynamic Meditation" and "Kundalini Meditation",  and the "No Dimensions Meditation", based on Gurdjieff techniques related to soufism. 

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