Awakening of Consciousness
and Energetic Healing
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Claude Desarzens & Christophe Martin de Montagu

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The Quest for the Infinite
Aetheral and mystic

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Journey of the soul towards into the depths of the incarnation

Inner journey inspired by Cathar rituals

Serene journey towards the inner Being

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The Calling to the Unknown
Journey into the depths of the Being


Claude Desarzens & Martin Chabloz

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Espoir (Claude Desarzens & Martin Chabloz)

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Journey on the Way of the Shamans
Drums, synthesizer and voice
(Native American Lakota song)

Expressing the Faith in the Future
(synthesizer and voice)

City Called Heaven
Flight of the Soul, the Quest for Oneness,
the Meeting.
Soft music on synthesizer...


Claude Desarzens is a naturopath and has worked for many years on memory regressions and energised healing, and has explored modified states of consciousness that gave his patients very effective energising treatments.
He has asked Christophe Martin de Montagu (and later Martin Chabloz) to compose music for the specific purpose of helping the individual to reach the state of modified consciousness. He has used this music in his daily work with his patients, individually, and also in seminars, for a period of time before producing these albums for the benefit of a larger public. This music is in perfect sequence for a working seance and can be put to other uses where long pieces of music are required (relaxation. meditation, creativity, attunement, therapeutic work)

To allow his patients to benefit from the healing vibrations and the awakening consciousness, he has gradually developed an original method of work wich allows the patient to attain a deep relaxation, an energy recharge, the cleansing and rebalancing of the chakras, memory regressions into the unconscious childhood, the birth, the foetal life and past lives, physical manipulations, energising and physical treatment, astral voyages, entering into other vibrational planes and meeting their spirituals guides.
He proposes us here this method on CD "Eveil de Conscience et Guérison Energétique" (Awakening of Consciousness and Energised Healing), which is a guided relaxation of a special kind, on the music of "Odyssée" album.


CD Méthode Desarzens

Method on CD


These personal and transpersonal experiences help us to find our roots, free our psycho-emotional knots and help us to receive the appropriate help for our evolution, transformation, understanding and healing. They can also be helpful in developing intuition and sometimes extra-sensorial perception (i.e. vision of the chakras, of the aura and of our spiritual guides; channeling, mediumship, clairvoyance and telepathy). It is not unusual to sometimes feel physical and emotional reactions during this type of experience, they indicate the presence of blockages that will be treated gradually, seance after seance. The regular use of these recordings will permit a progessive and different work each time they are listenened to.


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