Sending a Gift








Select the CD you want to send as gift...


... to which we will add a message, even personalised upon request...


Then the parcel is sent to the person whom you provided the address


By just clicking on a checkbox when filling in the order form, we will send the CD(s) you have chosen to the person whose address you have provided, with a message telling who the gift is from. See details below...

In case you do not know which CD(s) to choose, have a look at our selected CDs, which our customers warmly recommend.
From the home page you can also select the CDs by their genre, or by instruments, or with/without vocals, etc.

NOTE: The CDs are sent in a cardboard envelope, packed inside with bubble wrap. This guarantees that the CD(s) arrive unbroken, and will also allow to recycle the cardboard and the plastic separately.




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