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We present to you hereafter a classification of the titles by type, which will allow you to find what you are looking for in an easier way. These buttons lead to lists of titles, without pictures. To see the cover images, click on the images of the corresponding genre on the home page.



Long and/or homogeneous pieces of soft and tranquil music, inducing inner stillness and deep relaxation


Long and/or homogeneous pieces of soft and tranquil music, helping introspection, inner awareness, meditation


Short and/or varied pieces of relaxing music, helping unwinding and regeneration. Also an exploration of different music worlds


Short and/or varied pieces of joyful music, for re-energising mind and body


Music for various therapies (reiki, shiatsu, energised healings, massages, etc)

Guided meditations

Guided relaxations and self-development methods
Chakras   Music for a specific work on the Chakras, either with a therapist, or for a self-therapy
Reiki   Music for Reiki. Most of the "Reiki" titles, but not all of them, contain a bell sound at the end of a music track to signal to proceed to the next stage
Tai-Chi   Music for Tai-Chi. A lot of titles in this list have not been created specifically for Tai-Chi but have been selected by professional practitioners


Music for all kinds of massage, also very convenient for any type of work on the physical body
Tantra   Music for Tantra
Dance   Music for dancing
Celtic   Celtic music or music inspired by Celtic tradition. From pure Irish celtic music to more "new age" type of celtic music, more adapted to relaxation
Tibet   Tibetan music or music inspired by Tibetan tradition. From pure Tibetan chants like Dechen Shak Dagsay to more new age or world music type like Terry Oldfield
For Children   Music to soothe children or help them to enter a more calm mood at the end of the day. Music, guided relaxations, stories...
Native American   Native American music or music inspired by Native American tradition
Shamanic   Music for Shamanic practice. Often inspired by Native American music but not only
Myths & Legends Music inspired by myths and legends like unicorns, sirens, quests, heroic sagas...
Angels   Music inspired by Angels theme
Dolphins & Whales   Music inspired by dolphins and whales, with dolphins sounds and whales songs
Mystic & Spiritual   Music inspired by the Quest of the Infinite, the Divine, the Spirit, our sacred inner being
Mantras   Mantras are repetitives songs, often inspired by Hindu (Vedic) tradition, in Sanskrit. However they can be found in other traditions like Tibetan, Sufi, Christian, Wiccan, etc...


Music directly inspired from Native American, Indian, African, Chinese, Celtic, Christian, Hindu traditions


Classification by main instruments (piano, flute, Pan Pipe, harp, guitar, violin, shakuhachi, didgeridoo, drums, etc)

With voice/choir

List of titles with voice or choir

Without voice/choir

Instrumental music, without voice or choir

Without synthesizer

Music with acoustic intruments only, without electronic sounds made with keyboards, syntesizers, vocoders, samplers, etc

Gregorian Chants

Gregorian chants or ancient Christian chants

Sounds of Nature

Continuous recording of one hour of nature's sounds like ocean waves, streams, rainforest, woodland, garden, birds, dolphins and whales songs

Nature & Music

Music and sounds of nature mixed together, the union of Mankind and Nature


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