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Music to relax, inspire and uplift you

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New World New Albums (1) New World New Albums (2) New World New Albums (3) New World New Albums (4)
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Special Series

Chants Grégoriens
Gregorian Chant

Série "Mind-Body-Soul" (pour thérapies)

Série "Pure..." pour relaxation, détente, thérapies
"Pure" Serie

Therapy Room

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"Spa" Serie
Sons de Nature
Nature's Sounds
Compilations New World

Psychyl Serie

New World also produces wonderful
postcards  in big format

Paradise Cards Gateway

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A music to soothe, relax, inspire, balance and heal yourself
A music with harmonious sounds that uplift the entire being
A music stimulating your creativity and talking to your heart
A music creating or intensifying the ambiance that you desire

The perfect environment for both work, meditation, creativity,
or for taking some rest or... just for the listening pleasure!


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NEW WORLD MUSIC  was founded in 1982 by Colin Wilcox, a naturopath, osteopath, and psychologist, to introduce others to a range of outstanding recordings for well-being and enjoyment. The company is established in a 16th century farm near the village of Westhall in Suffolk. From this peaceful haven they send their relaxing recordings to music lovers all around the world. New World's ideals, reputation and commitment guarantee you an unforgettable experience.
Since its establishment, New World has gone on to become one of the pioneer New Age labels in the UK and Europe, and is now the largest producer of "Music for Relaxation and Inspiration" in the world. Offices in Australia were opened in 1987, and in the United States in 1991. Best-selling albums such as Medicine Woman and Moon Goddess have made New World an integral part of the international New Age music market.
HIGH QUALITY - All New World Music recordings are professionally produced and digitally mastered for the ultimate in audio quality, and are duplicated using Dolby technology onto the best quality chrome audio tape and compact disc. Their exclusive collection of recordings has been internationally acclaimed as representing some of the finest and most beautiful instrumental music ever composed.

There is sweet music here that softer falls
Than petals from blown roses on the grass,
Or night-dew on the still waters between walls
Of shadowy granite, in a gleaming pass;
Music that gentler on the spirit lies
Than tired eyelids upon tired eyes

Lord Tennyson


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