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"The Mozart Effect for Children"
Vol.2: Relax, Daydream & Draw / Relaxation et rêverie

1. "Voi Che Sapete", The Marriage of Figaro, K492 (3'11'') MozartEffectChildren2_1.WAV (200..300kB)MozartEffectChildren2_1.WAV (200..300kB) MozartEffectChildren2_1.mp3 (200..300kB)MozartEffectChildren2_1.mp3 (200..300kB)
2. Andante, Cassation in G Major, K63 (3'28'') MozartEffectChildren2_2.WAV (200..300kB)MozartEffectChildren2_2.WAV (200..300kB) MozartEffectChildren2_2.mp3 (200..300kB)MozartEffectChildren2_2.mp3 (200..300kB)
3. Andante, Symphony #6, K43 (4'02'') MozartEffectChildren2_3.WAV (200..300kB)MozartEffectChildren2_3.WAV (200..300kB) MozartEffectChildren2_3.mp3 (200..300kB)MozartEffectChildren2_3.mp3 (200..300kB)
4. Andantino grazioso, Symphony #18, K130 (5'51'')    
5. Adagio, Serenade #10 in B Major, K361 (5'58'')    
6. Concertante, Serenade #9 in D Major, K320 (8'36'')    
7. Andante ma adagio, Bassoon Concerto in B Flat Major, K191 (6'36'')    
8. Adagio, Divertimento in B Flat Major, K287 (8'33'')    
(see English text below) RELAXATION ET REVERIE
Une musique spécialement sélectionnée pour inspirer la créativité tout en relaxant les enfants. Apaisant, calmant et inspirant.
(texte français: voir ci-dessus) RELAXATION, DAYDREAM & DRAW
Music specially selected to inspire creativity and promote relaxation in children. Soothing, calming and inspiring.
Studies has shown that the music of Mozart has a powerful effect on the intellectual and creative development of children to : increase verbal, emotional and spatial intelligence, improve concentration and memory, enhance right-brain creative processes, induce relaxation.

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