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Medwyn Goodall

ChristmasTapestry.jpg (27425 octets)

"A Christmas Tapestry"
(Fresque de Noël)


Deck The Hall (4'47'')

ChristmasTapestry_1.WAV (200..300kB)ChristmasTapestry_1.WAV (200..300kB)

ChristmasTapestry_1.mp3 (200..300kB)ChristmasTapestry_1.mp3 (200..300kB)

Ding Dong Merrily On High (6'02'')

ChristmasTapestry_2.wav (200..300kB)ChristmasTapestry_2.wav (200..300kB)

ChristmasTapestry_2.mp3 (200..300kB)ChristmasTapestry_2.mp3 (200..300kB)

God Rest You Merry Gentlemen (4'05'') ChristmasTapestry_3.WAV (200..300kB)ChristmasTapestry_3.WAV (200..300kB) ChristmasTapestry_3.mp3 (200..300kB)ChristmasTapestry_3.mp3 (200..300kB)
Silent Night (6'10'') ChristmasTapestry_4.WAV (200..300kB)ChristmasTapestry_4.WAV (200..300kB) ChristmasTapestry_4.mp3 (200..300kB)ChristmasTapestry_4.mp3 (200..300kB)
Jingle Bells (4'10'') ChristmasTapestry_5.WAV (200..300kB)ChristmasTapestry_5.WAV (200..300kB) ChristmasTapestry_5.mp3 (200..300kB)ChristmasTapestry_5.mp3 (200..300kB)
Good King Wenceslas (4'56'') ChristmasTapestry_6.WAV (200..300kB)ChristmasTapestry_6.WAV (200..300kB) ChristmasTapestry_6.mp3 (200..300kB)ChristmasTapestry_6.mp3 (200..300kB)
Away In A Manger (3'56'')    
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear (3'30'')    
Christmas Reel (3'46'')    
Une sélection des meilleures musiques de Noël, traditionnelles et contemporaines, jouées à la guitare et aux claviers, dans le style unique de Medwyn Goodall. Exprime parfaitement l'atmosphère douce et chaleureuse de cette période de l'année.
An instrumental collection of traditional Christmas songs and carols played on guitar and keyboards with a wide variety of musical effects, creating among other instruments sleigh bells, choirs, and harpsichords. Played in his uniqu style Medwyn's arrangements perfectly capture the atmosphere and warmth of this special season.

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