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Phil Thornton & Hossam Ramzy

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"Immortal Egypt"

At The Gates Of The Citadel (5'29'')    
Cairo Blues (8'45'')    
Last Words By The Temple (7'46'')    
Morocco Dance (6'16'')    
Derwood Green (6'03'')    
El Moulid (6'43'')    
Praying For Rain (6'59'')    
Emerald Minarets In a Sea Of Stars (5'37'')    
Sunrise Over Giza (6'09'')

ImmortalEgypt_9.wav (200..300kB)ImmortalEgypt_9.wav (200..300kB)

ImmortalEgypt_9.mp3 (200..300kB)ImmortalEgypt_9.mp3 (200..300kB)

Immortal Egypt (6'17'')    
Après le succès de "Eternal Egypt", la première collaboration entre Phil Thornton et Hossam Ramzy, une nouvelle inspiration créatrice les a guidés à travailler à nouveau ensemble d'une façon innovative. Avec la collaboration d'artistes égyptiens de renom, le résultat est un album magnifique de très haute volée.
Following the glowing success of "Eternal Egypt", the first collaboration between Phil Thornton and Hossam Ramzy, a new light of creativity has guided the two of them to work together again in a startling and innovative format.
With pieces added by top soloists and session musicians in Cairo, and re-arranged and overlaid by Phil and Hossam back in the UK, the outcome is a magnificent album of high quality performances by two world renowned artists supported by highly respected musicians from the heart of Immortal Egypt.

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