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Medwyn Goodall

"Medicine Woman IV"


1. The Time Keepers ADSL / CABLE connection : High quality 96kb/s stereo
2. When Light Beckons ADSL / CABLE connection : High quality 96kb/s stereo
3. Celestial Invitation ADSL / CABLE connection : High quality 96kb/s stereo
4. Solar Waves ADSL / CABLE connection : High quality 96kb/s stereo
5. Prophecy ADSL / CABLE connection : High quality 96kb/s stereo
6. Crystal Skulls ADSL / CABLE connection : High quality 96kb/s stereo
7. No More Tomorrows ADSL / CABLE connection : High quality 96kb/s stereo
8. The Enlightened ADSL / CABLE connection : High quality 96kb/s stereo
9. The Next Dimension ADSL / CABLE connection : High quality 96kb/s stereo
flag_fr_small.gif (901 octets) 2012 est une année significative car beaucoup d'anciennes prophéties et mystères convergent vers cette date. Le calendrier maya qui se termine à cette date, le basculement des pôles, les crânes de cristal, et de rares alignements stellaires sont tous liés. Le sens commun de tout ceci est que l'humanité voit la fin d'une ère et a l'opportunité d'accomplir une transformation en sautant d'un niveau à un autre. Medwyn Goodall nous amène ce nouveau CD empli de mystère, de beauté éthérée et d'une grande profondeur, suivant la prophétie maya jusqu'à sa conclusion naturelle ultime. Une musique qui tisse la magie qui est là depuis le tout premier album de Medicine Woman.
flag_gb_small.gif (1000 octets) 2012 is a significant year because many ancient prophecies and mysteries converge on this date. The Mayan calender, pole shifts, crystal skulls, rare star alignments and are all linked to this phenomenon. The common thread of all the prophecies is that humanity is witnessing the end of one era and has the opportunity of making a transformational leap into another. Medwyn Goodall brings us a CD full of ethereal mystery and great depth as he follows the Mayan prophecy to its ultimate and natural conclusion with music that weaves the magic that is Medicine Woman.

The Medicine Woman serie has been one of the most successful series of new age CD’s ever, with Medicine Woman 1 selling in excess of 450,000 and being awarded gold disc and platinum disc status. Medicine Woman II has also since been awarded gold disc status.

The Medicine Woman series is well known to have been based on the ancient Mayan culture, their folk law and beliefs. Medicine Woman IV focuses on the ultimate Mayan mystery; the MAYAN CALENDER which stops on the 21st December 2012 with the prophecy that humanity will cross the threshold into a new era and will make some kind of very profound change after years of turmoil. The prophecy has attracted everyone from all walks of life and the scientific community to better understand what these ancient masters of time and astrology meant. What is more intriguing however is how many other prophecies, and ancient cultures all predict events on the same date of 2012. From crystal skulls, to polar shifts, to changes in our DNA. In a time when we are all looking for answers and all sense that change is needed, Medwyn asks the ultimate question: “What is the 2012 Mayan Prophecy all about?”. With music that is a continuous flow of themes without pause from start to finish, and a CD booklet that will be full of reference and links to books and websites for further information, Medicine Woman IV takes a deep look at where we might be heading, and very soon..

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