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Robert Gass & «On Wings Of Song»

"Songs 0f Healing"

Go In Beauty (5'52'') SongsOfHealing_1.wav (200..300kB)SongsOfHealing_1.wav (200..300kB) SongsOfHealing_1.mp3 (200..300kB)SongsOfHealing_1.mp3 (200..300kB)
May We Dwell In The Heart (4'15'')    
Return Again (4'01'') SongsOfHealing_3.wav (200..300kB)SongsOfHealing_3.wav (200..300kB) SongsOfHealing_3.mp3 (200..300kB)SongsOfHealing_3.mp3 (200..300kB)
Who Knows Where the Time Goes (4'54'')    
Wherever You Go (6'57'')    
See Me, Feel Me (4'56'')    
Listen, Listen, Listen (5'59'')    
Long Time Sun (6'14'')    
Life Is Eternal (5'51'')    
Neuf chants de guérison beaux et inspirants, tels «May We Dwell In The Heart», «Life Is Eternal», «Go In Beauty», «Return Again»... Ces chants, venus d'horizons divers, créent une atmosphère d'union, de paix, emplie d'amour.
Nine beautiful and inspiring songs of healing. Heartful and softly repetitive. "Nurtures the song within and heals the mind into the heart" (Stephen Levine, author of A Gradual Awakening). "Your music heals me over and over again" (Bernie Siegel, M.D., author of Love, Medicine And Miracles)

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